Supporting children with medical conditions July 20


Educational Policies

Teaching and Learning Policy (Jan 2018)

SEND Policy 2020

RE Policy 2017

Spirituality Policy 2017

Collective worship policy June 2020

Curriculum Policy May 2017

PSHE Policy App 1 Sex & Relationship Policy (2013)

PSHE Sex & Relationships and Drugs Policy (Sept 17)

Assessments Policy 2017

General Policies

Anti-Bullying Policy March 2019

Behaviour and discipline policy March 2019

Single Equality Objectives Notice 2017

Single Equality Policy April 2016

We promote British Values at Abbey Primary Sept 2017

Complaints Policy (feb 2012 version) (June 16)

Staff Code of Conduct March 2019

Freedom Of information Policy (Sept16)

Health and Safety Policy (June 2016)

Lettings Policy (Sept 16)

Whistleblowing Policy (July 2020

Accessibility Plan (December 2018)

Privacy Notice

Please note that our school is a NUT FREE ZONE.  We have several pupils who have severe nut allergies.  Please DO NOT bring nuts into school in snacks, lunch boxes or cakes. 

Paper copies of all policies are available from the school office- free of charge to parents