The parish of St James is its own small village under the hill south of the town and is the oldest part of Shaftesbury. St James’ is a lively and welcoming church – newcomers and visitors particularly comment on our friendliness. The church is open during daylight hours with a quiet prayer corner. We also have a permanent outdoor labyrinth, changing with the church seasons, to allow visitors to unwind from the rush of daily life. We have a very strong relationship with our adjacent church Primary School. They have a monthly worship in the church, while special services have been crafted for parents of new or leaving pupils. Their harvest,and carol services also attract a large following.

St. James’ Church – reaching out to others with a valued ministry of hospitality.

Hello! My name’s Kirsty and I’m the Vicar of St. James’s Church next door to The Abbey School. I also look after St. John’s Church in Enmore Green and St. Thomas’s Church in Melbury Abbas. I have recently moved here from Leominster in Herefordshire, so I love living and working in rural areas. Before I was ordained, I studied for a history degree and worked in various libraries and archives, most recently at Hereford Cathedral. In my spare time I enjoy reading, writing poetry, watching films, walking, photography, and spending time with my family and friends.

I have a heart for rural and pastoral ministry and am always looking for ways in which the church can work with the whole of the community. I really enjoy being a part of The Abbey School and I hope I can get to know as many of you as possible.