Arrival and pick up times from 8th March

Prompt arrival at school (Learning for all starts at these times and vital Catch-Up sessions are also held at this time):


R/1 – 8.40am (side path)

2/3/4 – 8.50am (Year 2 side path, 3/4  through the car park)

5/6 – 8.50am (Top door)


R/1 – 3.00pm

2/3/4 – 3.10pm

5/6 – 3.20pm (Please wait for children across the road and come over when your child comes out)


Please be very careful not to mix with other adults during pick up and drop off, we need to continue to be ‘unsociable’ until we get through this pandemic. Only one person should bring or collect children from each family.

Please park considerately and enjoy a little walk to and from school with your children to avoid congestion around the school site.