Support at home – Great parenting

There are certain aspects of the curriculum at school that children often find very challenging. One of them is telling the time. We teach it as part of Maths lessons, but children need to be looking at clocks every day to really get the hang of it. Please make sure there is an analogue clock at home, alongside digital clocks, and that your children are getting used to telling the time on them. It is one of the vital areas of learning for later life that we want all our children to achieve.

Other areas of Maths that really benefit from home learning are money and times tables. It is great if your children get used to paying for small items in cash and checking the change. Our Year 4 children ae expected to know all their multiplication tables up to 12 x 12 by the end of the year, maybe you could get them to make a chart with all the tables on it and highlight the ones they know as the year goes on.