Year 2

Welcome to Year Two

Spring Term

Can buildings Speak Tiles made from clay as part of our 'buildings' topic

SDC14176 SDC14177 SDC14178 SDC14179 SDC14180 SDC14181 We were looking at how we could use strong shapes to make paper bridges which would bear the most weight. Weights the bridges held before collapsing. Groups in same order as photos from top to bottom. Grace -200g Lucas and Ryan- 600g Hannah and Jonathon- 600g Henry and Jude- 4kg 200g Tabby and Noah- 300g Aleah and William H – 100g William G – 400g Alfie- 600g Finn and Rowan-1kg 500g Riley and Ruby- 800g Maddy and Isaac-200g Ellie Austin and Jaygen- 6kg SDC14186 SDC14187 SDC14188 SDC14189 SDC14190 SDC14191 SDC14192 SDC14193 SDC14194 SDC14195 SDC14196 SDC14197

'Hey Ewe' our Christmas Play

SDC14183 SDC14184 SDC14185  

Some of our work from this half term

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