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Dear Parents,

Running an IronMan- a gruelling 1800m swim, 56 mile bike with mountain climb and 13.1 mile run was never going to be easy, but choosing one set on a Mediterranean Island with a pleasant, mild climate is surely going to be better than competing in the cold and damp of the UK? Ask year 2 parent Sarah Junor, who has just completed such an event in Mallorca to raise money for computers for the school, and she might not agree!

Sarah has been in touch to say that although she completed the race, it was a truly tough event in pouring rain, biting wind and freezing cold! Every athlete was slowed by the conditions, while many suffered jelly fish bites; others didn’t finish due to hypothermia or crashes coming down the mountain. One of Sarah’s party even broke his arm in two places!

Altogether it was not what Sarah expected but she finished in 6.5 hours.

I’m sure we’d all like to offer huge congratulations to Sarah for her achievement…look out for her at school with daughter Betsy. Sarah is collecting sponsorship for computers for our children to use in their classrooms. If you are interested in sponsoring her please complete the attached form or visit

Yours sincerely

Peter Meacham