September 2017

14th September 2017
Introduction and apologies
Sarah Beauchamp welcomed all those present which were:-
Sarah Beauchamp (SB), Lou Sandy (LS), Elena Nicoara (EN), Helen Harrow (HH), Sarah Adams (SA), Sarah Weech (SW) and Lucy Young (LY)
During voting: Holli Bastable and Charlie Marshall
Apologies had been received from Amy Davies, Kate O’Farrell, Lisa Page-Chatton, Sally Garrett and Monica Slatter.
Minutes of the last meeting held on 11th September 2017
The minutes of the last meeting had been circulated to all members. The Committee adopted the minutes.
Treasurer’s report
At the start of 2016 academic year we had £9,555.59
We spent £10,508.99
We raised £9,586.80. Thank you to everyone for supporting the PTFA and raising these funds.
Current bank balance for the start of 2017 academic year we have £8,127.79.
• Key Spends
£500 - Headphone for IT
£7798.80 - IPads and necessary supporting equipment
£427.05 Chalk Valley History Festival trip for Yr 6
£233.82 12 - 12 Ukuleles
• Key Fundraisers
Christmas Fair £1,345.47
Summer Fair £1249.69
Easter Bingo £710.00
Bags to School £650.80
Gift Aid from Tremendous tri -£1097.06 For year 15/16/ -16/17
Marathon sponsorship (Emma Partridge) £718.05
Fun run £723.30
• Donations
Roundtable £500.00
Mackintosh Foundation £620.00
Farnfields Solicitors £100
Chairs Report
SB stated that we have had a very good year with nearly £10,000 raised. Unfortunately we are struggling to find new members to help with the PTFA. SA suggested that photos be put on the website and Facebook page of committee members and class reps so everyone knew who to approach if they had any fundraising ideas or would like to talk about helping with the PTFA.
SB stated that she will be continuing as Chair for this year only and will be stepping down.
Headteachers Report
LS would like to express her thanks on behalf of the school to the PTFA for all the extras that they provide. It makes a huge difference and they are enormously grateful.
Election of Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and Class Reps
Chair - Sarah Beauchamp
Vice Char - Helen Harrow
Secretary - Sarah Adams
Treasurer - Sarah Weech
Teacher Rep - Amy Davies
Governor Rep - Sarah Adams
Class Reps
To be confirmed.
Matters Arising.
• IT - LS reported that the school had been able to fund the purchase of 20 new computers and screens for the ITC room. They have also bought 8 more full size ipads (mini ipads no longer available) from school money of which 3 have gone into service for the SENCo, Reception Staff and the Headteacher. This means we have 29 ipads currently altogether for the children. LS proposed we make the number up to 36 ipads in total for the children as we have 3 charging cabinets which each charge 12 ipads. Therefore, we need 7 more ipads to achieve this. School can buy 3 more and the PTFA would need to fund 4 more. LY to obtain quote and liaise with the IT support at school.
• School Grounds - LS had received a quote for works to the current path. This was for £4,650 plus VAT which seemed on the expensive side. It was agreed that LS would obtain further quotes and forward these to SB for distribution and consideration by the committee.
Hazelcove who had worked on Year 6 over the holidays are preparing a quote for the barn for the perfect job and for lesser options. The idea being to take out the wall and make parking spaces for staff so the driveway could be used for outdoor activities. This would also mean that the garden area could be used more safely.
LS had also had quotes for various play areas on the stomping ground and could possibly get funding from Sport England.
LS will liaise with LY as to how many hedging trees were required. This will be done asap so we do not miss the cut off time for trees as there is a certain amount available.
Mr Walsh's plan for the development of a house, using a piece of the schools land to include a car park for the school was discussed. The PTFA were not supportive of this proposal for financial and practical reasons.
• Bags to School - We had received a cheque for £168.80 for the last collection which was in July. SB to liaise with Katie Pike to discuss the next collection. LS stated that items were being left in reception, and then moved to the barn.
• Easyfundraising - £213.27 had been raised since starting Easyfundraising. Continue to remind parents of this.
• Volunteers DBS checks - SB has spoken to Lisa Page-Chatton and she advised that all volunteers including drivers should be DBS checked. SB advised that LS speak to our contact at DCC. LS had received the paperwork for Kate O'Farrell and she will through this and get back to SB.
Any Other Business
Apologies to Kate Brockway for misinterpretation of the last minutes.
SB requested a blackboard the same as the current board used at the front of the school, so that PTFA events and messages could be written up. SB also requested chalk pens.
Walking Bus - a few years ago there was a Walking Bus from Town to school. As there are no parking facilities, it was suggested that we see if there is any interest for the Walking Bus to reinstated. SA to organise a letter to parents.
Car Boot Sale - SA to continue liaising about this with Town Council
Cinema Night - Lisa Page-Chatton happy to run this. Will speak to Kelly Crawford who has run on at her school as to what is required. L-PC to liaise with SB as to dates.
Non Uniform Day - Wear it Bright Friday 10th November.
Christmas Fair - This will be held on Friday 24th November. SB, SA and HH are sub committee. Meeting to be held on 19th October to discuss fair. SB and SA to contact previous stallholders. Look into items children can make to sell at the fair.
Tea Towels - SA to request Tea Towel pack for children to draw a picture of themselves to be placed as a school on a tea towel to be sold, predominately for Christmas Fair and any leftovers throughout the year.
3 Peaks Challenge - SB to liaise with Sarah Junor with regards to organisng this event for the Spring Term
Date of next meeting - Thursday 9th November 7.30pm @ Two Brewers Pub

July 2017

April Meeting 2017

MINUTES OF ABBEY SCHOOL PTFA 27th April 2017  Introduction and apologies Sarah welcomed all those present which were:- Alison Hawthorn (AH), Sarah Beauchamp (SB), Nicci Judd (NJ), Amy Davies (AD) and Sarah Adams (SA) Apologies had been received from Pete Meacham (PM), Richard Wykeham (RW), Joan Bachelor (JB), Lucy Young (LY), Lou Sandy (LS) and Kate O’Farrell (KF). Minutes of the last meeting held on 21st February 2017 The minutes of the last meeting had been circulated to all members. The Committee adopted the minutes. Treasurer’s report Current bank balance is £13,053.96 Gift Aid from previous tax year: £857.47 Incoming Bags 4 School: £242.00 Fashion Show: £362 Easyfundraising £44.24 Easter Bingo £710 Outgoing 12 Ukele’s £233.82 £70 book vouchers for poetry competition prizes  

Matters Arising.

  • IT project – AD stated that the Ipads had been used for the first time today.  Year 3 had used the them to research Romans.  Regarding the computers from Wessex AD confirmed that one of the screens had be installed in the ITC room.  AH requested an invoice for items purchased and will speak to Mrs French regarding this.
AD requested equipment to enable the teachers Ipads to project to the whiteboard.  LS currently has a cable, but this would mean teachers would be “tied”.  AD suggested Apple TV boxes which would communicate with the whiteboard.  They did not need to be the up to date model and would cost in the region of £60-£70 each.  All were in agreement to fund the cost, seeing as money had been spent on obtaining the Ipads.  
  • School Grounds Project – No news at present.  AH stated that Trudi Green would like to be involved in the stomping ground and playground and part of the planning process.  AD will chase Taskforce.
  • M & Co & PTFA fashion show was held on the 17th March at the Shaftesbury store. £362 raised and thanks Nicci Judd for organising this event and M& Co hosting. Unfortunately it was poorly supported by school parents, only 6 people attending.  Approximately 45 “out of school” people attending.
  • Easter Bingo took place on the 6th April 2017.  This was a huge success with £710 made.  Sincere thanks to Roxy Gale for organsing and Becky Russell, Natalie Gumbleton and Roxy’s Mother in Law for helping out on the night.  It was requested an earlier “eyes down” of 7pm.
  • Bags to school – £242 was raised on March’s collection.  Katie Pike had volunteered for this project for next academic year assisted by KF.  The next pick up would be 7th July 2017 and bags will be sent out to parents mid June.
  • Easy Fundraising – has raised £44.24 and this will continue to be promoted.
  • Year 6 will be going to the Chalke Valley History Festival on 27thJune 2017.  £427.05 has been paid out by PTFA.  AH will prepare a note of what is happening on the day for parents/pupils.
  • A family fun run is organised for 11 June 2017.  AH and Sarah Junor will be meeing 2nd May to discuss the course.  The plan is to have three start times of 9.30am, 10.15am and 11am.  All participants will receive a free piece of cake and there will be a refreshments stall on the day.
  The PTFA would like to thank Emma Partridge who ran the London Marathon on the 23rd April 2017 for her generous contribution towards the PTFA.  
  • The camp out is planned for 24 June 2017.  This will be organised by a steering committee of SB, NJ and SA.  SB has asked LY to contact Rob regarding the tickets.  The same ticket and rules will be used as last time and the date will just need to be changed.  Pitch fee is £10 and set up will be between 3pm and 5pm.  After that there will be no movement of vehicles.  NJ will ask Alan Clements to supply breakfast for campers to purchase.
  • Summer Fair – planned for 30th June.  4 stalls confirmed.  NJ had information about “Disco Bounce” and all agreed for NJ to book and enquire about any other services they could offer.  Also mentioned about having an ice cream van and SA will look into this.  Sub-Committee of SB, AH, NJ and SA to meet on 19th June to discus finer details.
  Any Other Business   AH will continue with Ice Pop Fridays after half term.   AD stated that the New Parents Meeting is to held on 24th May 2017 and asked if any PTFA members could attended.  AH and possibly NJ or SB will attend.  “We need you” poster to be amended and passed to AD for inclusion in the New Parents Pack. This will also be needed to be forwarded to Lynda French to be handed to any new pupil.   AH to speak to Lynda French about making money on ink cartridge recycling.   SA volunteered to keep the PTFA Facebook page up to date with events and posting any notices.   Date of next meeting –11th July 2017 at 7.30pm a the Two Brewers

February 2017 Meeting

January 2017 meeting

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