Abbey Smart 2020

Abbey Smart 2020
We have set ourselves a New Year’s Resolution for the school to be smarter in 2020. As you will know from our last newsletter, we are very proud to be at the very top of the Dorset primary schools in our academic results. We would like to match this achievement with the smartness of school in several aspects during the year ahead. Our focus will be in the following areas:
Smart and correct school uniform. We notice when we meet up with other schools that our children can look rather untidy in their school uniform. All children should wear school shoes every day, not trainers or boots please. Everyone should also wear a white shirt and a blue sweatshirt or cardigan, ideally with the Shaftesbury Abbey logo on it. Fleeces and coats should be worn outside but not in lessons. Other ‘hoodies’ should be kept at home for evenings and weekends.
A Smart start to the school day. We expect the children to be in their classroom and ready to start learning at 8.55am each day. This is not an early start in comparison with other schools, later than most in fact. Parents coming in to the playground or Reception classroom should deliver children in time to be out of the side gate by 9am so that it can be closed for safety reasons at that time. Too many families are currently arriving at the top of the school between 8.55 and 9.00am each day, making their children regularly late for school. Parents with children in Year 1 and above should not be coming in to the school in the morning. Messages for teachers can be left at the main office. Please help us to improve the prompt arrival of the children so that they can all benefit from the activities that take place at the start of each day and the classes avoid the disruption of late arrivals and parents trying to catch teachers when they have already started teaching. Thank you.
A smarter school environment. I am working with the staff to make sure we provide a tidy environment for learning in all areas of the school. We also need to be mindful of litter, some of which comes from sweets and treats given at the end of the day. We have a great team of litter pickers in school, but it’s much better if the litter isn’t dropped in the first place. We have a brilliant team of parents and staff who help to keep our borders beautiful throughout the year. A huge thank you to them. We look forward to creating a new garden in school during 2020.
We will be working hard to improve in these three areas, please help us where you can.