The Three Peaks Challenge – A message from Sarah Junor

Dear Parents.

Here we are at the Easter Holidays with hopefully some reasonable weather for climbing the beautiful peaks we have in our challenge.

Beatrice and I have completed Hambledon and Melbury, we have saved Duncliffe for the bluebells.

How are you doing?

I have heard lots of the children talking about their climbs and there are some great photos on the display board.

We asked you to do this challenge to enjoy getting out and some exercise, some of you may be raising sponsorship, please do if you can.

If only half the school took part and raised £10 each we would achieve a huge amount.

We hope to create a ‘Sensory Garden’ wouldn’t that be amazing for our children?

Emma Partridge and I are busy training for The London Marathon and raising money, so far generous people have stumped up around £800 for me and Emma is also doing well, it is amazing how kind sponsors can be when one asks. Please ask if you can. What the children are doing with their challenge is amazing.

The Blackmore Vale mag will be writing about it again, we also have a local chap named Keri from ‘This Is Alfred’ a website about things happening in Shaftesbury and The Vale, he makes podcasts and will be recording one after Easter.

I am also going onto Abbey 104 FM radio on 18th April to talk about our school and the challenge to try to drum up more sponsorship.

So, PLEASE take part, be a part of it or get your children to join friends and raise some money.

Lastly, some of you will know that an Abbey Mum recently passed away. Her life was stolen in a moment.

I saw her a few weeks ago and she apologised to me because she was not able to do the challenge due to ‘some health issues’

Sarah Beauchamp was a massive supporter of the ‘The Three Peaks’ last year and was really pleased we are doing it again.

Let’s do it for her. I know when I was out running my long training run this morning I thought about her lost life and the gift of mine.

It is Spring, a time of renewal, growth, development and potential. The clocks have changed, we have more time and the landscape is beautiful, changing daily, the views from the Peaks are breath taking.

Please, please go out, go up and see. Thank you.

Sarah Junor.